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As school-based BCBAs are very well aware, the ability to work effectively in schools is not a skill that most BCBAs possess naturally. Even those with a long history of working in schools learned through the school of hard knocks and have a lot of bruises to show for it. But even veterans can benefit from learning from those with even greater experience and knowledge.

Dr. Ronnie Detrich is one of the “”founders”” of the field of (Applied) Behavior Analysis. His scope of work spans over 50+ years, most of which has been in clinical practice. His lifelong mission is to disseminate quality ABA, which he defines as the knowledge and skills necessary to adapt ABA programs contextually – i.e. making those adjustments to account for different settings, situations, and circumstances, working in collaboration with a broad array of people with the singular goal — helping students to acquire those skills necessary to achieve their highest level of independence.

In working in environments as complex as school systems, hundreds of situations arise daily for which there are no clear-cut answers. In order to help school-based BCBAs navigate through those challenges, we hosted a special 2-hour Q&A webinar with Dr. Ronnie Detrich provided clarity and a roadmap on how to best address those challenges — effectively and ethically.

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