ADHS Series Module 3 – Behavioral Strategies Across Settings

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The third module in our ADHD series is a follow-up to our ADHD Management: Psychopharmacology. Research shows that the most effective way to manage ADHD is by using a combination of medication AND behavioral strategies.

As experts in ABA, BCBAs are the most qualified to take on this task. BUT… BCBAs are generalists. If you were tasked to develop an ABA program for someone with ADHD — but without an ASD diagnosis — would you be able to develop and run an effective program?

Our LIVE Webinar with Dr. Ronald T. Brown, Dean of the School of Allied Services at UNLV and a noted ADHD expert with Dr. Deborah Padgett, CEO of Juniper Pediatrics, a clinic that specializes in treating children and families with ADHD, along with a BCBA with expertise in this area reviewed and discussed effective behavioral strategies that can be implemented across settings.

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