Module 2: Must-Have Skills (And Understanding) For School-Based BCBAs and Other Service Providers

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The “coin of the realm” for schools is academic achievement.  How can an ABA provider provide his/her services for challenging behaviors if the program does not “fit” in the academic achievement definition identified by school districts?  What happens when academic achievement is defined differently for the General Education (Gen Ed) sector in comparison to the Special Education (SPED) sector and the culture of each of these sectors are vastly different?  Behavior Analysts find themselves in a conundrum in providing services in the school setting with all of these different variables.

On Wednesday, April 8th, 2020, Special Learning, Inc with Problem Behaviors in School Settings subject matter expert,  Dr. Ronnie Detrich and Shawn E. Kenyon, BCBA-D, dove in and discussed the unique cultural features of public schools in both Gen Ed and SPED sectors to uncover the key constraints in providing ABA services to students requiring an FBA and behavioral interventions so the school can meet the individualized needs of the student to remain in the school system (including IDEA). 

This 2-hour webinar addressed the misunderstanding of Behavior services in the school system, community tolerance of students with maladaptive behaviors and the tools to appropriately provide ABA services in the school setting vs clinic-based services. During this webinar, there were case scenarios presented of effective behavior analysis in schools, and participants are encouraged to submit questions and receive real-time answers from the experts.

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