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Children living with autism require a variety of interventions-the least of which involves social skill training. As professionals, we must move these children away from sitting and discussing skills and into a practical application during fun and interesting activities.

What: Whether in the private clinic or school, professionals have the ability to conduct social skills groups. Social skill deficits are a given in children with autism, unfortunately, wide-spread research on necessary components of a program are not available. In separate studies, Bellini, Krasny, and Williams-White have identified promising strategies. These strategies such as role-playing, behavioral monitoring/feedback, and learning in sequence/progression and more will be discussed in this session.

Why: Professionals have the desire to conduct social skills groups but perhaps not the time to plan and implement effective activities. Having a jumping-off point of activities allows the participant’s creative juices to start flowing.

Results: Not only with the children in these groups be involved with interventions that show promise from a research base but they will enjoy the session more with will increase participation and motivation. The professional will be able to implement activities that address child-specific goals and collect accurate data.

What’s Next: The purpose of this session is a practical application. The intent is that the participant will be able to implement the newly learned activities and create their own.


As a result of attending this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Implement interactive activities during social skills groups.
  2. Incorporate popular movies into the social skill curriculum.

Develop long-term, multi-week activities with pre-teen and teen aged children.

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